Virtual United Airlines Pilot Profile

Tristan Callon United States

ATP Captain

Pilot ID: UAL796 Hub: KIAH
Hire Date: November 11, 2019 Latest Flight: UAL1306 (1A)
Total Flights: 680 Total Hours: 2,487
Money Earned: $ 496, 920.00 VATSIM ID: 1460768
Average Landing Rate -238 fpm


  • 1000 VATSIM Hours
  • 500 VATSIM Hours
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Bronze Landing
  • Cross The Pacific
  • Cross the Pond
  • Gold Landing
  • Silver Landing
  • VATSIM P0 Rating
  • vUAL Pilot

Last 10 Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Date Status
UAL1306 (1A)KBOSKORD737-8241.5606/11/2024Accepted
UAL2301 (1D)KIAHKBOS737-8243.1306/09/2024Accepted
UAL1494 (A)KPHXKIAH737-8242.1106/09/2024Accepted
UAL1859 (2B)KCLEKPHX737-8243.5106/08/2024Accepted
UAL3922 (1H)KSEAKLAX737-8242.1006/08/2024Accepted
UAL350 (1A)KDENKSEA737-8242.2306/07/2024Accepted
UAL506 (2A)KDFWKDEN737-8241.3306/07/2024Accepted
UAL1609 (1A)KSFOKDFW737-8242.5906/07/2024Accepted

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