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Houston Hub


Welcome to Houston!

Hey ya�ll, settle in to the lone-star hub of Virtual United. George Bush Intercontinental is the 2nd largest United hub by departures and passengers carried just behind Chicago O�Hare. It also ranks as the 14th busiest airport in the United States. Due to the merger of United and Continental we adopted Houston as a new home for pilots to connect to many places on the globe. Fun fact! Houston holds the title of the first airport in North America to have nonstop flights to every inhabited continent, United touching most of them.

Here at vUAL we look forward to all skill levels and simulation platforms. With the ranking system we allow a variety of aircraft to be flown with a wide variety of routes to choose from. Here in Houston we are capable of top down route coverage considering the many United Express flights available, our International Terminal D to connect the world, and domestic United flights to all points across the U.S.

I advise everyone to go over the hub cheat sheet as you can find a lot of useful information and become familiar with your new home here in Houston. Please feel free to reach me at anytime either that be in our Teamspeak server, email, or in the forums. I look forward to speaking with every pilot here. To tailwinds and blue skies. See ya up there!

Your Houston Hub Manager,

Mark Barnette
KIAH Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 26
Total Flights: 4,638
Total Hours: 15,918
Total Miles: 6,606,571 nm
Total Fuel Used: 157,725,278 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -213 fpm

May 2024

Number of Flights: 117
Flight Hours: 300
Miles Travelled: 114,261 nm
Fuel Used: 1,984,567 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -228 fpm

KIAH Pilots

Pilot ID Name Country Rank Flights Hours
UAL029 Mark Barnette United States ATP Captain 1307 7514.04
UAL701 Patrick Simmons United States ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL703 Trent Sellers United States ATP Captain 11 148.18
UAL704 Andy Morales United States ATP Captain 926 3221.03
UAL705 David Franz United States ATP Captain 80 208.46
UAL706 Alex Melia / LOA 05/2024 United States ATP Captain 0 125.00
UAL707 Javann Zonicle United States ATP Captain 62 391.53
UAL708 Nicolau Amstalden Brazil ATP Captain 48 213.38
UAL709 Ryan Lee Mexico ATP Captain 114 295.13
UAL710 Bruno Pancica Mexico ATP Captain 31 188.08
UAL711 Branden Elliott United States ATP Captain 10 147.31
UAL712 Will Smith United States ATP Captain 6 137.46
UAL713 Daniel Barrera Colombia ATP Captain 37 213.44
UAL714 Cody Ellingwood United States First Officer 0 0.00
UAL715 Jeff Becker United States ATP Captain 7 133.06
UAL722 Christian Goddard United States ATP Captain 289 767.55
UAL748 Bryan Hendricks United States ATP Captain 436 1301.21
UAL750 Cody Gulizo United States ATP Captain 306 1245.43
UAL758 Amrick Dhillon United States ATP Captain 293 1906.29
UAL761 Stefan Kasprzak United States First Officer 11 49.59
UAL762 Jonathan Poindexter United States ATP Captain 17 281.40
UAL771 Brooks Alexander United States ATP Captain 100 320.55
UAL775 Sergio Montani United States ATP Captain 237 689.37
UAL783 Franco Guidetti Italy ATP Captain 212 617.06
UAL792 Brian LaFleur United States ATP Captain 478 2580.22
UAL796 Tristan Callon United States ATP Captain 653 2551.22