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Welcome to Chicago O'Hare!

Welcome to Virtual United's Chicago O'Hare Hub page. Prior to the United Continental merger, this hub served as the primary and largest hub for United Airlines serving over 134 markets. Please drop by often, as this page will be continuously updated with new and pertinent info for pilots and fans alike.

If you are considering joining our hub/airline, feel free to fill out an application and be sure to select KORD as your hub! Should you choose to make United your VA, we hope you choose to make Chicago your home!

Colin Atwood
KORD Hub Manager

Hub Statistics


Total Pilots: 35
Total Flights: 11,128
Total Hours: 50,573
Total Miles: 21,278,489 nm
Total Fuel Used: 584,909,507 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -224 fpm

May 2023

Number of Flights: 186
Flight Hours: 605
Miles Travelled: 239,785 nm
Fuel Used: 5,824,433 lbs
Avg. Landing Rate: -204 fpm

KORD Pilots

Pilot ID Name Country Rank Flights Hours
UAL005 Justin Austin United States ATP Captain 1 126.56
UAL022 Colin Atwood United States ATP Captain 941 2512.17
UAL100 Vince Hendrickson Virgin Islands, U.S. ATP Captain 1409 7164.05
UAL101 Adam Mazur P1 United States ATP Captain 3383 23616.40
UAL107 Marc Carette Belgium ATP Captain 211 1573.26
UAL112 Christopher Steffen Switzerland ATP Captain 347 956.01
UAL126 Steven Milligan United States ATP Captain 1473 2047.52
UAL128 Brent Baker United States ATP Captain 229 822.29
UAL130 Jack King United Kingdom ATP Captain 573 2622.55
UAL140 Saharat Tareelap United States ATP Captain 395 3035.00
UAL141 Thierry Nguepdjo United States ATP Captain 603 2624.36
UAL145 Kurtis De Pree United States ATP Captain 165 381.31
UAL152 Tom Hartigan United States ATP Captain 434 1939.37
UAL177 Ewerton Carloto Brazil ATP Captain 480 1655.07
UAL184 Matt Bantle Canada ATP Captain 173 348.27
UAL1129 Arturo Granados Sanchez Mexico ATP Captain 1225 3887.10
UAL1204 Vitor Hugo Sisanoski Brazil ATP Captain 414 1171.37
UAL1274 Pierre Alexandre Charton France Sr. Captain 92 110.29
UAL1875 Paul Ziegler United States ATP Captain 81 440.38
UAL1964 Yan Izique Brazil Sr. Captain 15 110.51
UAL1981 Robert Clements United States New Hire 17 57.42
UAL2023 Paulo Galhardo Portugal ATP Captain 41 208.14
UAL2044 Lawrence Tan United States ATP Captain 56 203.19
UAL2207 Daniel Chanel United States ATP Captain 37 199.53
UAL2299 John Halford United States ATP Captain 7 130.33
UAL2367 Tim Richardson United States New Hire 5 26.52
UAL2398 Ronald Denby United States ATP Captain 10 152.25
UAL2402 Justin Schuyler United States ATP Captain 8 132.10
UAL2449 Damian Piotrowski Canada ATP Captain 23 203.51
UAL2504 David Dobrichovsky Czech Republic ATP Captain 3 136.03
UAL2505 Kevin Lerman Canada ATP Captain 8 137.29
UAL2599 Jack Paradis Canada New Hire 2 32.48
UAL2673 Jeff Hunt United States ATP Captain 1 126.45
UAL2692 Gabriel Martinoli Mexico ATP Captain 5 135.08
UAL2716 Artur Parzych United States New Hire 0 0.00