Pilot Report Details

Pilot Report - (December 31, 1969)

Virtual United Flight

Aircraft: ()
Submitted: December 31, 1969
Flight Time:
Landing Rate: FPM
Fuel Used: 0 LBS
Distance: 0 NM
Status: Approval Pending

ACARS Flight Log


  • Virtual United Airlines writes: “Submitted for closer review. Reason: Landing Rate”
  • Colin Atwood writes: “Per vUAL Operations Handbook, Landing rates must be -800 feet per minute (FPM) or less. Any landings that are greater than -800 FPM are subject to additional investigation prior to approval/rejection. All Hub Managers have the authority to approve a PIREP based on the results of their investigation. At this time your PIREP is being rejected. If you have any substantial justification/reason for this PIREP to be accepted, please contact myself or the Assistant HUB Manager for further review. ”