Virtual United Airlines Press Release

March 15, 2024 Update

Just a quick note to let you know we updated the UAL schedules earlier this week. There were over 6000 flights that were part of the update. You now have the most up-to-date schedules available to fly. Enjoy!!! We will be addressing other STAR Alliance airline schedules in the future, but our #1 focus will always be UAL... Also, we are in the final stages of our Operations staffing realignment. There will be an announcement regarding the new roles and the staff members assigned to those roles soon. These changes are at the Hub level, as we try to streamline our operations. These two items are near the end of our initial phase of reshaping the VA, and we hope you like what you see so far. So, what can you do for the VA, you might ask..... 3 things. 1. FLY VUAL flights. 2. Add "" into the comments section of your VATSIM flightplan. and, 3. Get into Discord. Its way to quiet in here, and its time to fill up the pilots lounge a little more often. Simple as that.