Virtual United Airlines Press Release

Feb. 4, 2024 Update


Welcome to February! A quick update on some of our activities these past couple weeks. First off, we are close to announcing changes to the HR dept. Stay tuned for staffing announcements and VUAL re-opening its doors to new and returning pilots. We are also close to regaining our status as a Partner VA with VATSIM. Both of these items should be completed in the next week or so. Second, we are trimming the rosters once again. Pilots who have not flown in the last 60 days (even though the Ops guide says 30 days) will be removed. Once we get HR up-and-running, we will be moving the date in line with our standard policies. Second, we are still discussing overall hub operations. More on that at a future date. Lastly, we did add one aircraft to the fleet – MD11. We will be looking at other additions this month. That is all for now. Please get out and fly some flights! The weather is getting better and the days are gradually getting a little longer! See you in the skies!