Virtual United Airlines Awards List

United Express Tour Award List

Fly the prescribed aircraft on the prescribed routes.

You may use the following aircraft for this award:
Dash 8 class: Fly the 200, 300 or Q400
CRJ2/7/9 class: Fly the Bombardier CRJ200, CRJ550, CRJ700 or CRJ900
E17x/E19x class: Fly the Embraer E170, E175, E190 or E195
E135/145 class: Fly the Embraer 135 or 145, any variant
No aircraft substitutions across classes; e.g., don't sub a CRJ700 or an ERJ175 for an ERJ145.

All flights in United Express livery
All flights use UAX#### call sign
Do not use contractor callsigns - ASQ, SKW, UCA, etc.
Fly online or offline
Non-UAX Tour legs may be flown between award legs.
I realize some aircraft are lacking in some sims; e.g., Q400 in X-Plane (coming), E135-145 in P3Dv4x, etc.

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL503Robert WoodringOctober 5, 2021