Virtual United Airlines Awards List

Escape From Kabul Award List

RETIRED. Fly the following four routes, in United livery, to qualify for the Escape from Kabul award. Use any aircraft for which you are qualified but use the same aircraft - livery and registration number - for all four flights.

Leg 1: Andrews Air Force Base (KADW) to Ramstein Air Base (ETAR)
Leg 2: Ramstein Air Base to Hamid Karzai International Airport (OAKB)
Leg 3: Hamid Karzai International Airport back to Ramstein Air Base
Leg 4: Ramstein Air Force Base to Andrews Air Force Base

Check your sim's scenery to ensure these airports are included. If not, check the usual freeware sites for appropriate scenery.

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL503Robert WoodringAugust 25, 2021
UAL704Andy MoralesAugust 26, 2021
UAL008Kevin FinchAugust 27, 2021
UAL025Dennis LynnSeptember 4, 2021