Virtual United Airlines Awards List

Fly The Line - E175 Award List

Fly the following 16 flights, in United Express livery, in the prescribed order

UAX5912 Denver (KDEN) Boise (KBOI)
UAX5401 Boise (KBOI) Chicago (KORD)
UAX5535 Chicago (KORD) Indianapolis (KIND)
UAX5302 Indianapolis (KIND) Chicago (KORD)
UAX5437 Chicago (KORD) Atlanta (KATL)
UAX4659 Atlanta (KATL) Chicago (KORD)
UAX5305 Chicago (KORD) St. Louis (KSTL)
UAX5519 St. Louis (KSTL) Denver (KDEN)
UAX5269 Denver (KDEN) Eagle (KEGE)
UAX5327 Eagle (KEGE) Denver (KDEN)
UAX5450 Denver (KDEN) Charleston (KCHS)
UAX4663 Charleston (KCHS) Denver (KDEN)
UAX5520 Denver (KDEN) Pasco (KPSC)
UAX4772 Pasco (KPSC) Denver (KDEN)
UAX5781 Denver (KDEN) Charlotte (KCLT)
UAX5604 Charlotte (KCLT) Denver (KDEN)

All flights must be completed in one livery, one registration number.

See the tracking sheet in Downloads for more information.

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