Virtual United Airlines Awards List

Japan 2 Award Award List

A five-flight tour of Japanese airports. Fly any aircraft for which you are adequately ranked.

RJCC is New Chitose airport; ensure that's what is in your sim before flying there.

RJTT - Haneda RJOA - Hiroshima
RJOA - Hiroshima RJCC - New Chitose
RJCC - New Chitose RJOO - Osaka
RJOO - Osaka RJFU - Nagasaki
RJFU - Nagasaki RJAA - Narita

Note: Legs 1 and 2 changed on July 20; if you have already filed a PIREP to/from RJTO, it will be accepted.

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL001Gary Price CEOJuly 28, 2021
UAL503Robert WoodringJuly 30, 2021
UAL008Kevin FinchAugust 1, 2021
UAL257Ediz UnalSeptember 8, 2021