Virtual United Airlines Awards List

Tokyo Games - Bronze Award List

RETIRED. To qualify for the Bronze level, fly one of your nation's Olympic athletes from their place of residence or where they train (your choice) to your nation's capital between July 9 and July 23, 2021. Between July 24 and August 22, 2021, fly the return flight the capital to the airport from which you flew your first leg.

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Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL007Jonathan KostJuly 26, 2021
UAL704Andy MoralesJuly 29, 2021
UAL008Kevin FinchAugust 10, 2021
UAL001Gary Price CEOAugust 14, 2021
UAL025Dennis LynnAugust 14, 2021
UAL697David MaggipintoAugust 27, 2021
UAL503Robert WoodringAugust 30, 2021
UAL006Pat SchoofSeptember 12, 2021