Virtual United Airlines Awards List

Winter Games Tour Award List

This tour takes you to all of the cities hosting the Winter Games, including Beijing for the 2022 games. Unlike the summer games, the winter games can take place in smaller, remote communities so the arrival airport may be 100+ km away, sometimes in a different country or at an airport that cannot accommodate inter-continental heavies. Since the winter games started in 1924, air travel was not even a consideration in the early years.
So, there are direct legs for those who think they can fly a 777 out of Plattsburgh and then land it at Innsbruck, and there are optional multi-leg routes such as Plattburgh-Vienna-Innsbruck. You can try to land a heavy at the smaller airports but risk having your PIREP rejected due to landing rate. Hub Managers will strictly enforce the -800fps landing rate limit for flights counting towards this award.
For more information, see the posting in the Events section or check out the tracking sheet in the Downloads section.
You may fly non-Winter Games award flights between award legs; all flights must be completed within one year of completing the first award flight.

No pilots have earned this award yet. Perhaps you can be the first!