Virtual United Airlines Awards List

COVID19 Vaccine Delivery Award List

In late November, United Airlines announced charter flights to help transport a COVID-19 vaccine in preparation for distribution in the USA.

To reflect this tasking, vUAL will fly a Senior Captain or ATP Captain from Chicago O'Hare (KORD) to Brussels (EBBR) and then return to O'Hare. (Senior Captains and ATP Captains who have not yet received the Cross the Pond Award will qualify for the award after completing the KORD-EBBR-KORD legs; put "Leg 2/3 COVID-19 Vaccine - Cross the Pond Award flight" in your EBBR-KORD leg PIREP comments.).

There is a tracking sheet at

After returning to the USA, fly a Senior Captain or ATP Captain level aircraft to your hub. (Chicago and Narita (RJAA) hub pilots will fly to our Denver hub (KDEN). Narita pilots may fly to RJAA if they wish but it is not required.).

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL257Ediz UnalDecember 8, 2020
UAL101Adam Mazur P1December 8, 2020
UAL921Marc NehrbassDecember 9, 2020
UAL130Jack KingDecember 12, 2020
UAL579Kevin HornadayDecember 18, 2020
UAL003Larry Bell HRDecember 18, 2020
UAL241Rama LahoriDecember 21, 2020
UAL503Robert WoodringDecember 29, 2020
UAL022Colin AtwoodDecember 29, 2020
UAL435Rich Del SeccoDecember 30, 2020
UAL704Andy MoralesJanuary 2, 2021
UAL048Duane PalmoreJanuary 18, 2021
UAL918Jorge NajeraMarch 1, 2021
UAL909Felipe Nunez P1March 17, 2021
UAL697David MaggipintoJune 29, 2021
UAL1142Donnie SigristSeptember 30, 2021
UAL2501Harrison TanNovember 3, 2023