Virtual United Airlines Awards List

Vintage Wings Int'l Award List

Fly the following 10 city pair routes, in any order, in the specified retro fleet aircraft. Consider using vintage liveries for the specified airlines (if you can find them), or any of the specified airline's available liveries.
If you cannot find any liveries for the specified airline, use a United/United Express livery.

Routes: CYHZ-CYYG, CYYG-CYHZ (BAe146/RJ85/RJ100/AR1/AR8; Air Canada Jazz)
FAOR-FACT, FACT-FAOR (B727-100/200/300; South Africa Airlines)
KORD-EGLL, EGLL-KORD (B747-100-400; no 800s or SPs; United Airlines)
LSZH-LSGG, LSGG-LSZH (Douglas DC3; Swissair)
NZAA-YMML, YMML-NZAA (Douglas DC8, Air New Zealand)

You must complete a city pair round trip before flying a non Virtual Wings International flight. For example, fly CYHZ-CYYG and CYYG-CYHZ before flying a non Virtual Wings International flight.

All qualifying flights must completed within one year of the first qualifying flight.

Look for the Vintage Wings International tracking sheet:

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL435Rich Del SeccoAugust 2, 2020
UAL704Andy MoralesDecember 15, 2020