Virtual United Airlines Awards List

TAP 75th Anniversary Award List

RETIRED. Celebrate the 75th anniversary of TAP Air Portugal with an online group flight between Lisbon (LPPT) and Madeira (LPMA) on Saturday, March 14. To qualify for the award, you must fly online and in a TAP livery, preferably in a Captain level aircraft; use your vUAL ID number as your flight number, e.g., mine would be TAP008. The destination is an island and there's no ILS system.

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL257Ediz UnalMarch 14, 2020
UAL122Martin WolinMarch 14, 2020
UAL146Ian ImhofMarch 14, 2020
UAL909Felipe Nunez P1March 14, 2020
UAL008Kevin FinchMarch 15, 2020