Virtual United Airlines Awards List

787 Delivery, Part 2 Award List

Fly a 787-8 from Charleston Airport (KCHS) to one of the airports listed on the tracking sheet (Resources | Downloads on the website). Do the same for the 787-9. Do the same for the 787-10. Use the livery of the destination airline.

Pilots can fly all three 787 variants to one destination, i.e., a 787-8 United Airlines flight to Houston (KIAH), a 787-9 United Airlines flight to Houston and a 787-10 United Airlines flight to Houston. So far, All Nippon (ANA), Air New Zealand (ANZ) and United (UAL) are the only airlines receiving all three variants.

Or, pilots could fly an Air Canada 787-8 to Toronto (CYYZ), an All Nippon 787-9 to Narita (RJAA) and a Lufthansa 787-10 to Frankfurt (EDDF). There are lots of possible combinations; check the tracking sheet.

Liveries may not be available for all variants and all airlines; check.

This is a CAT-free award, meaning any pilot may complete this award, regardless of their rank.

This description and tracking sheet were updated 06/14/2021 to change from Paine Field (KPAE) to Charleston (KCHS); flights completed by 06/14/2021 remain valid.

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL435Rich Del SeccoDecember 22, 2019
UAL146Ian ImhofMarch 20, 2020
UAL263Mark BarnetteMarch 22, 2020
UAL792Brian LaFleurApril 5, 2020
UAL003Larry Bell HRMay 11, 2020
UAL351Joe HillOctober 19, 2020
UAL305Colin StepneyDecember 20, 2020
UAL212Pierre DequackFebruary 1, 2021
UAL697David MaggipintoSeptember 8, 2021