Virtual United Airlines Awards List

Canadian Capitals Award List

Canadian Capitals Tour: Visit our national capital, our 10 provincial capitals and our three territorial capitals, in the order they joined Confederation to qualify for this award: CYOW (Ottawa), CYTZ (Toronto, inbound; CYYZ, outbound) , CYQB (Québec City), CYHZ (Halifax), CYFC (Fredericton), CYWG (Winnipeg), CYZF (Yellowknife), CYYJ (Victoria), CYYG (Charlottetown), CYXY Whitehorse), CYQR (Regina), CYEG (Edmonton), CYYT (St. John’s), CYFB (Iqaluit, formerly Frobisher Bay), and back to CYOW (Ottawa). All of the flights must be completed consecutively, with no other flights in between. Use a Senior Captain rated aircraft, or lower. Note that there are different airports for arrival and departure in Toronto. In all cases, ensure that the aircraft you choose is appropriate to the airports you will visit.

Pilot ID Award Name Date Earned
UAL435Rich Del SeccoJuly 7, 2019
UAL257Ediz UnalSeptember 29, 2019
UAL909Felipe Nunez P1January 22, 2020
UAL931Victor MartinezAugust 25, 2020
UAL519Ed TorresDecember 15, 2020
UAL104Arturo Granados SanchezMay 30, 2021
UAL704Andy MoralesNovember 10, 2023