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Why Choose Virtual United Airlines?

Virtual United Airlines is one of the most active and largest virtual airlines operating today. To make flying more fun, we do not require check rides or tests and like to help members new to the hobby.

407 Active Pilots

Our pilots must file a PIREP at least once every 30 days to remain active.

88,764 Flights Flown

All of our flights have totaled over 137,200,155 miles! That is almost the distance from Earth to Mars.

476,046 Hours Flown

Almost one-half million hours? That's why we're one of the most active VA's in the world!

Live Virtual United Airlines Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Flight Phase ETE Track Flight

Recent Arrivals Board

Pilot Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
Tony YatesUnited Airlines799AKORDKIAD-279 fpm
Henrique SilvaUnited Airlines4459SBPASBCF-120 fpm
Steve McCoyUnited Airlines993AKSFOKSEA-102 fpm
Durukan Burak DilekUnited Airlines1271BKBNAKORD-93 fpm
Liam DuffyUnited Airlines900EGLLKSFO-148 fpm
Rich Del SeccoUnited Airlines534PHNLKLAX-256 fpm
Jonathan KostUnited Airlines71EHAMKEWR-368 fpm
Eric FieldsAmerican Airlines846MGGTKDFW-136 fpm
Mateo NgocUnited Airlines1340SMJPGOOY-105 fpm
Rafael LopesUnited Airlines844SBGRKORD-223 fpm
Jonathan BellewUnited Airlines5597AKDENKASE-21 fpm
Felipe Nunez P1AirlineAA155EGLLKSEA-214 fpm
Saul MartinezUnited Airlines1903MGGTKIAH-170 fpm
Jim HittleUnited Airlines320TNCMKSTL-132 fpm
Rama LahoriUnited Express5462BKSFOKRNO-248 fpm
Donnie SigristUnited Airlines50TSCELSAEZ-78 fpm
Jonathan BellewUnited Express4470BKMCIKDEN-112 fpm
Mark BarnetteUnited AirlinesO4YSSYYMML-234 fpm
Hal Butts P1United Airlines305KDENKABQ-152 fpm
Henrique SilvaUnited Airlines4458SBGRSBPA-152 fpm

News & Events


We're going to try something a little different during the winter doldrums. On Saturdays in January and February, we will fly from one of our hubs to another - one city pair a week - until we have visited all of our hubs. To accommodate the spread of time zones our pilots have, take-offs will be at 10 a.m., hub local time, we'll probably use 10 a.m., Midwest, for Narita. There will be a new award for pilots who complete all the legs.

NEW: South America Tour #2

Fly the 11 legs in their prescribed order: KIAH-SVMI; SVMI-SBGL; SBGL-SPJC; SPJC-SKCL; SKCL-SEQM; SEQM-SKBO; SKBO-SCEL; SCEL-SPZO; SPZO-SAEZ; SAEZ-SBGR; SBGR-KIAH. You may fly non-award legs between the award flights, i.e., fly SKCL-SEQM, then fly a Friday Night Ops (FNO) in the USA, then fly SEQM-SKBO. See the Events forum post or the tracking sheet for notes about SPJC, SEQM and SPZO. Use UAL liveries for all flights; fly charters for flights not on the vUAL schedule.