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A modern virtual airline for modern flight simulation

Why Choose Virtual United Airlines?

Virtual United Airlines is one of the most active and largest virtual airlines operating today. To make flying more fun, we do not require check rides or tests and like to help members new to the hobby.

503 Active Pilots

Our pilots must file a PIREP at least once every 30 days to remain active.

92,555 Flights Flown

All of our flights have totaled over 137,200,155 miles! That is almost the distance from Earth to Mars.

469,244 Hours Flown

Almost one-half million hours? That's why we're one of the most active VA's in the world!

Live Virtual United Airlines Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Flight Phase ETE Track Flight

Recent Arrivals Board

Pilot Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
Kiereece SimpsonUnited Airlines1288APHOGKSFO-255 fpm
Donnie SigristUnited Airlines7037KSPIKIAH-345 fpm
Matt BantleUnited Airlines277AKSFOKSEA18 fpm
Robert WoodringUnited Express5912KDENKBOI-182 fpm
Arturo Granados SanchezAirlineUA478FVHAFZAA-345 fpm
Manuel Sebastian Lopez RodriguezCOPA4424SKBOSVMI-198 fpm
Saul MartinezUnited Airlines1534KLASKLAX-251 fpm
Josh DamesAvianca9251SKBOSKFL-341 fpm
Theo BranonAvianca9251SKBOSKFL-586 fpm
Curshad NairnAvianca9251SKBOSKFL-426 fpm
Dennis Allen P1American Airlines952 (B)KPHXKPDX-113 fpm
Leigh GrantUnited Airlines358KSFOKLAS-225 fpm
Daniel LairdUnited Airlines1757KLASKSFO-162 fpm
Cody GulizoUnited Airlines1889KBNAKMSY-258 fpm
Liam DuffyUnited Airlines513EKDENKEWR-355 fpm
Adam Mazur P1United Airlines1897KLAXKORD-125 fpm
Stephane DesrosiersUnited Airlines22KEKOKRNO-244 fpm
Rich Del SeccoUnited Airlines863KSFOYSSY-140 fpm
Manuel Sebastian Lopez RodriguezAvianca23MMMXSKBO-318 fpm
Colin AtwoodUnited Airlines1405MZBZKIAH-148 fpm

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