Welcome to the new Virtual United Airlines

A modern virtual airline for modern flight simulation

Why Choose Virtual United Airlines?

Virtual United Airlines is one of the most active and largest virtual airlines operating today. To make flying more fun, we do not require check rides or tests and like to help members new to the hobby.

470 Active Pilots

Our pilots must file a PIREP at least once every 30 days to remain active.

92,828 Flights Flown

All of our flights have totaled over 137,200,155 miles! That is almost the distance from Earth to Mars.

448,854 Hours Flown

Almost one-half million hours? That's why we're one of the most active VA's in the world!

Live Virtual United Airlines Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Flight Phase ETE Track Flight

Recent Arrivals Board

Pilot Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
João Rodrigo Andrade CorreiaUnited Airlines2290KORDKATL-95 fpm
Ed TorresLufthansa1155LEPAEDDF-444 fpm
Jack KingAmerican Airlines253KLAXPHOG-232 fpm
Jim ParishUnited Express5754AKASEKDEN-145 fpm
Saharat TareelapUnited Airlines789KJFKYSSY-283 fpm
Alfredo CuencaUnited Airlines712KDENKSLC-214 fpm
Adam Mazur P1United Airlines923KLAXEGLL-53 fpm
Liam DuffyUnited Airlines188KEWRFAOR-290 fpm
Ian PlaceUnited Airlines2377KSFOKIAH-6 fpm
Dion HopkinsUnited Airlines1199AKDENKONT-54 fpm
Steve McCoyUnited Airlines703KPDXKPSP-198 fpm
Jack PhilachanhUnited Airlines3932KATWKDEN-157 fpm
Shichang JiangUnited Airlines704KIAHKEWR-300 fpm
Dion HopkinsUnited Airlines772KPHXKDEN-351 fpm
Chris Woolbright LOAUnited Airlines124KEWRLGAV-151 fpm
Jack HowardUnited Airlines58KSFOEDDF-231 fpm
Gary CauleyUnited Airlines1227AKLAXPHLI-123 fpm
Octavio ChongAirlineESP08LECOLEBL-67 fpm
Arturo Granados SanchezAirlineUA382LECOLEBL-237 fpm
Jack PhilachanhUnited Airlines3911KDENKATW-185 fpm

News & Events

New: Far East Cities tour

Fly six routes to major Asian destinations. You can do it now or while you're waitig for your athletes to rack up more medals in the Summer Games. There is a tracking sheet in Downloads to help you record your progress towards the award.

New: Shenzen Hubs Tour

A great way to while away the days while you're waiting to pick up your athletes in Tokyo for the ride home. A series of nine flights, all under 1000nm. There is a tracking sheet in the Downloads area and a post in the Events forum that will help you track down some current sceneries. Yes, most of the sims have outdated sceneries with missing runways.

10th Anniversary!

We're celebrating vUAL's 10th Anniversary, on July 10, by flying from Chicago's O'Hare to Houston's Intercontinental. This will be a CAT-free event so you can fly anything you've got in United or United Express colors. Sign up on the events page.