Pilot Report Details

Pilot Report - UAL2249A (December 7, 2020)

Virtual United Flight UAL2249A

Eric Maresh United States
Departure: KDEN
Arrival: KPHX
Aircraft: A320 (N320UA)
Submitted: December 7, 2020
Flight Time: 1.45
Landing Rate: 0 FPM
Fuel Used: 15,057 LBS
Distance: 523 NM
Status: Accepted

ACARS Flight Log


  • Eric Maresh writes: “smartcards were not logging in I reset my password still not working for I use KARCS it was running but it time out. if you need more information you can look up my VATSIM CID and I can give you a copy of my log on SimToolkitPro.”
  • vUAL Operations writes: “Submitted for closer review. Reason: Manual Submission”
  • David Freeman P3, KSFO AHM writes: “Approved. I also updated your VATSIM awards.”